Ronnie Reimers...2553 pts
Wally Milne...2439 pts
Kyle Aliven...1492 pts
Nicky deBrum...682 pts
Ben Reimers...451 pts
Bwiji Aliven...440 pts
Anja Andy...421 pts
Timothy Anok...317 pts
Mack Capelle...226 pts
Valentino...142 pts
Ace Doulatram...69 pts
Edgar...48 pts


 All-Micronesia 2004

Miss 12th Annual All-Micronesia

Eugenia Cenia Reiher

Graduate of Marshall Islands High School (MIHS) earlier this year, Cenia is enrolled at the college of the Marshall Islands. She is taking courses so that she could become a nurse. She is hopeful that after completing studies at CMI that she can continue her nursing studies overseas to expand her knowledge and medical abilities. Among her interests when she's not studying at school is playing volleyball and cruising with her friends.

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